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Hydrocodone is the strong main ingredient present in narcotic painkillers to relieve mild to severe pain and discomfort. It is often taken orally by patients to alleviate short term injury-related and dental pain. Individuals who use this medication for an extended duration of period or in higher doses might start showing symptoms and signs of hydrocodone addiction. It reduces pain by tying pain receptors in the brain, which weakens the signal, or transmission in central nervous system, and can generate feelings of elation.

How It Is Used?

The medicine is chemically combined with acetaminophen, which is an active ingredient present in Tylenol. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in America has also approved an original hydrocodone product called Zohydro. Those abusing this drug might crush up their tablets and inject or snort the contents. In the year 2013, lawmakers in America recognized the increasing risks of addiction and abuse of combination products of hydrocodone, such as Vicodin, therefore the authorities changed them from schedule 3 to schedule 2 controlled substance.

Effects and Abuse

The abuse can be tough to recognize. Somebody who has a valid prescription of hydrocodone, but uses it contrary to doctor’s advice, is actually abusing it. Abuse can take many forms, such as taking the medication in large doses, or for longer duration than recommended, or taking the doses in a different way than intended. Many people abuse this drug in order to get a ‘high,’ which comes from the medicine. Some of the instant hydrocodone abuse effects include: happiness, calmness, euphoria, reduced anxiety and relaxation. High doses can produce these effects rapidly. However, they could also cause overdose, which can lead to nausea, confusion and drowsiness. The most severe effect is stopped or depressed breathing. Buy hydrocodone online cheap and receive doorstep delivery. 


The medicine interferes with brain’s limbic system and pain receptors, collectively referred to as brain reward system. More abuse or mistreatment of the drug reprograms central nervous system for addiction. At the same time, abuse causes physical dependence on hydrocodone. As tolerance develops, addicted people need higher doses in order to avoid withdrawal symptoms. 

Addiction is detected on a range from moderate to severe. Some indications of addiction include giving importance to drug use over professional or personal responsibilities and taking more dosages than intended. People should bear in mind that addiction can easily get out of hand quickly, thus adhering to dose guidelines and pattern is the best way forward for speedy medical recovery and avoidance of abuse. Buy hydrocodone online legally when you are asked to take it in proper way. 


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