The Significance of Color Rendering Index (CRI) in Lighting a Stadium

Lights are designed differently. Some incandescent and LED lights in the market use less energy but produce low-quality white light. In sports fields and stadiums where appearance and quality are very vital, compromising the light quality is a no-no and resort to low CRI. Accurate discrimination of colors is of utmost importance in photography and visual arts and that is where color rendering index or CRI plays an important role.

Facts and Info About Color Rendering Index

According to light experts, the Color rendering index is the measure of the accuracy of the object colors when lighted. CRI is measured from 0-100 where 100 is the best illumination an object can get under the light. Perfect or best illumination means that the appearance of the object under the light is the same when subjected to natural sunlight.

CRI is the measure of clarity, color accuracy, hue discrimination, and how natural the object will appear under the light. Low sodium vapors lamps have 0 CRI while the LED lights have the highest CRI measurement.

LED Sports Lighting CRI Measurement

If you need to buy LED lights to light up the stadium, taking CRI into consideration is a must. It is best to go for the light bulbs with a higher CRI rating which is around 90 plus where accurate color presentation is required. A rating higher than 80 is accepted for many sporting applications but if you want detailed photography and vivid video streaming you need to aim for a CRI score higher than 90.

High CRI lights have a score of 90 and above. Lighting with higher CRI can provide vibrant color tones in the entire field. It is also best to combine high CRI and accurate color temperatures in LED sports lights for the optimum desired configuration.

If you are considering the color temperature it is best to get a few samples of the bulbs and check how things work. Some 85 CRI product performs better than a 95 CRI product when it comes to color temperature. So, it is best to check on the lighting fixture first before you decide.

But, don’t get this thing wrong, CRI is not the only factor that you should consider when lighting a stadium. Light durability and energy consumption are also very essential. However, CRI is one of the vital factors when buying LEDs intended to light the sports field.

Bottom Line

The color rendering index is a vital factor when choosing the right lighting for a sports field. Of course, energy efficiency, pollution, glare, and durability also are vital when deciding to buy. However, when it comes to lighting a stadium, CRI is the first thing you need to focus on since it plays a vital role in the vividness, accuracy, and naturalness in the object’s appearance. Before you decide to replace the lighting fixtures in your stadium, it is best to consult the experts when it comes to lighting a bigger field.

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