Uwell’s Revolutionary Valyrian III Tank

Valyrian III uwell tank is an excellent choice for vapers who love vapes with elegant designs. This e-cigarette comes in five colors, silver, gunmetal, black, blue, and iridescent, to satisfy different users’ color desires. Most Valyrian users love that the tank has a 6ml capacity. Therefore, one will have a pretty sufficient period of vaping before the content in the tank finishes. The authenticity of the Valyrian III tank, from the general structure to the performance, is just on another level. The tank has a different feature that aids in ensuring that the performance is on point and that the users get the vaping experience they have been longing for.

Features of Valyrian III Tank

Talking about convenience, nothing beats the ease of using this vape tank. One can refill the tank with a lot of ease by just pressing a button. The Valyrian III tank employs the PRO-FOCS tech, a flavor evaluation technology that genuinely allows the user to taste the flavors. Maintaining this vape tank is also straightforward since it utilizes progressive self-cleaning technology. That implies that the vaper doesn’t need to clean the tank daily. One can classify the features of this uwell tank into three main categories.

1. Functionality

Valyrian III comprises two mods which are the power and TCR. The fact that the tank operates with only two mods makes its functionality simple. Therefore, this is an excellent option for vapers who prefer vape devices with simple and non-complex functions. It has a mod lock feature that allows the vaper to lock the mod by pressing the fire and UP buttons simultaneously. The lock feature aids in ensuring that the user can’t unintentionally press the DOWN or the UP button; consequently, the settings stay intact. If there is a need to reset the tank’s settings, one must press the UP, DOWN, and the fire button simultaneously.

2. Display

The Valyrian III tank comes with a display that has a perfect color mix that makes it easy for the user to read the display. The display of this vape is small, and one can navigate through the settings with the help of a series of buttons. The mod’s display shows many settings, including the voltage, mode, battery level, coil resistance, wattage, and puff counter. The vaper can see all this information on the tank’s display. The display makes it easier for newbie vapers to learn different features of the vape device.

3. Design

Valyrian III has a distinctive design that gives a smooth and firm grip. The soft finish of the vape tank provides the vaper with comfort as they hold it. It has a flip cap that opens by pressing a button. That makes refilling the tank relatively quick and straightforward. The design also includes a bottom latch which is the place where the batteries are attached. The batteries to insert in the bottom latch are the dual 18650, providing a power output of 5 to 200 watts. The structure also includes coils that are the 80 to 90 watts and the 80 to 85 watts kind.


Valyrian III tank is a vape kit worth buying if you need a vaping experience of a lifetime. Overall, it doesn’t have complex functions making it an excellent vape device for any user, beginner, or expert. Everything from the design, functionality, and display makes this Uwell product a game-changer vape tank.